This mailing list is on the subject of magic and divination. The founders of this list follow a path which is druidical in nature. By druidical I mean those who have a primarily celtic focus and who specialize in magic, divination, leading ritual, and other occult/esoteric avocations. However this is open to people of all religions and organizations,and all people who are interested in living a magical life. For we all have things to learn from one another.

The name of our new mailing list is Draiocht. Draiocht is the modern Irish word for magic, and is also a more ancient word for those who followed the path of the druid.

We want the Draiocht list to develop techniques and methods that are practical and universal for all in their work of the body, mind and spirit. In addition to existing celtic lore and techniques, we will be willing to explore techniques from the world and the cultures in it, and then improve upon them in a uniquely Celtic way that is guided by the Celtic spirit and the gods of the people.

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Finally, here is a poem of greeting composed by my co-moderator of the
new list Searles O'Dubhain.



Draiocht, a word that has many meanings; a word both understood and
misunderstood; a word that beckons to a few only, both known and
unknown. If you would be a creator of worlds, as well as a servant of
all, then read on, for your truth may be found here. If you would be
otherwise, then seek the clarity of the world of form. That is your
safety for now.

We are those who would be Draoi, undying spirits, seekers of Truth.
Let our gathering be now renewed in this Un-Place. Let our connection
be acknowledged. Let your spirit run freely across the plain.

Do you hear the always calling of the Hidden Ones? As the hair rises,
so does the Spirit River. Now is the No-Time and this is the
Un-Place. We are those who would see without seeing and know without

Let the Ways be opened.
Let the Hidden Ones come.
Let us go to the gathering.

We seek the Truth Beyond the Darkness.

We seek the Love of Spirit.

We Dare the Twofold Pathway on one leg.

We sing the Names of Creation.

We die the Death of Life.

We look with Sightless Eyes.

We dance the Silence.

We hear the Stone of Fate.

We live the Life of Lives.

Draiocht is the name of our pathway and its Mysteries are our Truth.
If you would walk the ways with us and be a Drui, then let us each put
away the Truth of the World and find the Land Beyond the Waves. Call
out to your Gods and see the Golden Shimmer. Dream the Waking Dream
beyond ego. Drink deeply from the Well of All Knowing and join with
us. Draiocht is a gathering beyond time and place to the home of our
spirits. Draiocht is our list and our mission. It is our beginning
and our never ending.

The call has been issued. The Wind's breath flows across the edge of
the blade and the Daughter of Fire is to be seen upon the mountain.

Now is our gathering.

The Power of The Dagda's Heart be in you,

Searles O'Dubhain searles@summerlands.com http://www.summerlands.com 
Ray White hackman@technovate.org http://technovate.org

Blessed by Druids